Kids in Preschool
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Splitz Tots follows the same structure each week to allow children to learn a routine and build their confidence, joining in with other children as well as learning independent play. Each class starts of with our ‘Hello’ song to warm up, get ready to join in with the class and get to know each other.


We then introduce our surprise prop and movement / physical theme and find different ways to explore this using our very own soft play equipment. All children at all ages will enjoy crawling through tunnels, jumping off blocks, balancing on beams, rolling, sliding, moving backwards, in and out, up and down and many more! Not forgetting our babies who will enjoy rocking, rolling, standing, push ups and lots of tummy time!

There are lots of props to explore during the class including pompoms, scarfs, balls, maracas, hula hoops, beanbags, ribbons and lots more. We also like to incorporate movement to music and song during the last part of the lesson which children have lots of fun with!


Our giant parachute and bubble machine are also a big hit! 


Splitz Tots classes have a very relaxed and friendly feel, so please allow your children to join in when they are ready and explore the room in their own way. Splitz Tots classes are also a great way for new parents to meet and socialise, also giving you that bonding time with your little ones.  

Payment options: (All paid via our parent portal)

Monthly payments - £20 per month - £6 per class

Half termly - £39/£45.50 (6/7 Weeks) - £6.50 per class

Weekly - £7 per class        


Mixed Movers

0 – 4yrs  - Tuesdays 10:30-11:15am

(Walk-ins and Pay as you go available £7 per class)

We aim to progress babies’ strength, body awareness and their cognitive and physical development. 


Our pre-walkers enjoy climbing, sliding, balancing and crawling on our soft play equipment.


We also include lots of action songs to get them moving and working on co-ordination which also increases their physical and social confidence. 


We introduce a physical skill with a different prop each week giving them an opportunity to learn to climb, jump, balance, roll on the soft play equipment.


This class will allow your little ones too explore different equipment around the room to show off their creative side whilst burning off energy and having lots of fun!


Under 5 Stay and Play

Fridays 10:30-12:00pm - £5 per session 

(Book via website or pay when arrive)

Come along and enjoy a non-structured session for children and parents/carers to have fun using our soft play equipment and all our wonderful different props.


Our stay and play group is loved by all, and even the grown-ups look forward to it as much as their little ones do. The benefit of interaction with other children in a group setting will encourage children to become more social and confident while learning new skills.